WindDose is a website dedicated to the wind power industry. It aims at referencing companies involved into wind power production, existing wind farms, technologies...

This database holds more than 500 references of companies involved into the wind power industry worldwide and is under constant improvement.

Turbine suppliers

    Find references of companies manufacturing or selling wind turbines of all sizes, and also companies providing parts dedicated to the wind turbine industry.

Wind farm developers

    From major companies to cooperative business involved in the development of wind farms and their operation.


    Businesses providing maintenance service or repair of wind turbines.

Electricity providers

    Companies in charge of the electricity supply to end users and managing the electricity grids.

Related organisations

    State agencies or associations providing support for the development of the wind power industry, and references to businesses providing related services.

Wind farm maps

    Find maps of countries showing existing or in development wind farms.

Wind farm types

    Learn what types of wind farms are under development, from onshore to airborne.

Wind resources maps

    Get an overview of wind resources over some regions.

Origin of wind

    A brief explanation of where does the wind come from.

Wind turbine technologies

    A description of the main types of wind turbines.

History of wind turbines

    From transforming wind forces into useful power to harvesting megawatts of electricity.