25-Feb-08: Valorem and AAER Inc become partners to create AAER SAS AAER Inc is a canadian manufacturer of megawatt-sized wind turbines (range from 1 to 2 MW). AAER Inc’s short-term business strategy targets market niches for wind parks not exceeding 50 MW. Since 2006, AAER Inc shares have been trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V), under the symbol AAE.

Entegrity Wind Systems

    Manufacturer of medium capacity wind turbines.

Magenn Power

    Mageen Power invented the airborne wind turbines. The company managed to develop a lighter-than-air wind turbine that is filled with helium and has a 100-foot-wide Mageen Air Rotor System (MARS) that spins around a horizontal axis and produces 10 kW of energy. The whole turbine is wired to the ground with a copper cable and sends energy down.


    Designed an original domestic vertical axis wind turbine.

Marmen inc

    Producer of towers for wind turbines.


    Supplier of vertical axis wind turbines.

WES Canada

    WES Canada and WES Netherlands deliver wind energy projects, service, and maintenance. WES provides wind turbines up to 500kW for agricultural operations, medium-sized commercial business, and small utilities.


Energy Management Group

    Energy Management Group sells small capacity vertical axis wind turbines (i.e. PacWind SeaHawk) for domestic and small businesses.


Neotec Ingenieria

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from



    Aeromag provides 1kW capacity wind turbines.

Aerostar Wind Turbines

    Aerostar Wind Turbines provides 10kW capacity wind turbines.

Aerotecture International

    Aerotecture International develops a urban windmill (horizontal axis wind turbine) that can be set on buildings upper roof/ along bridge structures. The company is based in Chicago.

Bergey Windpower

    Bergey Windpower is one of the world’s leading suppliers of small wind turbines of up to 10kW.

Clipper Windpower

    Clipper Windpower is engaged in wind energy technology, turbine manufacturing, and wind project development and operations. It has offices in the USA (California, Colorado, Iowa and Maryland), Mexico, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Manufacturing and assembly facility is located in Iowa. It designs advanced wind turbines, manufactures its 2.5 MW Liberty® wind turbine.

Distributed Energy Systems

    DES provides expertise in wind feasibility assessment, wind farm pre-development, wind turbine design and engineering, and the development of power electronics for variable speed direct drive wind turbines. Distributed Energy Systems has installed wind turbines throughout the world, including the South Pole, the Sahara Desert and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s National Wind Test Site at Golden, Colorado. DES acted as a founding member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

DMI Industries

    DMI Industries provides towers for wind turbines and has one of the largest tower manufacturing capacities in North America.

General Electrics Wind Energy

    GE provides products and services for the energy industry. GE Energy helps businesses and authorities that generate, transmit or use electricity. GE Energy works in all areas of the energy industry including coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy, as well as with renewable resources such as water and wind energy. GE is a leading wind turbine suppliers with over 8,400 worldwide wind turbine installations comprising more than 11,300 MW of capacity (status early 2008). With wind manufacturing and assembly facilities in Germany, Spain, China, Canada and the United States, GE's current product portfolio includes wind turbines with rated capacities ranging from 1.5 to 3.6 megawatts and support services ranging from development assistance to operation and maintenance.

Green Windmill

    Patented a sail based vertical axis turbine (type DIY!).


    Manufacturer of a modern vertical axis wind turbine (capacity up to 2kW).

Lakota Wind Turbines

    Lakota supplies small capacity wind turbines.

Meriah Power

    Designer of the Windspire domestic vertical axis wind turbine.


    Turbine design office.


    Californian Cie producing small capacity wind turbines (e.g. SeaHawk).

Polymarin-Bolwell Composites

    Blade manufacturer. Latest blades up to 37 m length. (status beginning of 2008)

Southwest Windpower

    Southwest Windpower is a major producer of small wind turbines with more than 100,000 units sold in 120 countries.

True North Power Systems

    Small wind power producer.

Wind Turbine Warehouse

    The Wind Turbine Warehouse sells refurbished wind turbines. Linked to WindWorkers and WindPowerStore.