Hansen Transmissions Int

    Gear boxes for wind turbines.

The Wind Factory International

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from



    With the acquisition of Bonus Energy on 1-Dec-04, Siemens entered the wind energy business. Siemens Wind Power will combine the experience and strenghts of Siemens Power and Bonus Energy.

LM Glasfiber

    Blade manufacturer. Size ranges up to 38.8 m and larger blades are planned. (status beginning of 2008)

NEG Micon

    NEG Micon is involved in the development of wind power technology. More than 7,400 of the company’s wind turbines are today in operation around the globe, responsible for approx. 23,4% of the total wind power production capacity. NEG Micon supplies from single units to offshore projects and complete wind power plants. It also provides a continuous programme of service and maintenance. Headquartered in Denmark, NEG Micon has a network of subsidiaries, representative offices and service companies in more than 20 countries. It employs 1500 people worldwide. NEG Micon merged with Vestas in 2003.

NEG Micon Aerolaminates

    Blade manufacturer. 50 m blade about to be made and tested (status beginning of 2008). NEG Micon merged with Vestas in 2003.


    Vestas' business includes development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and maintenance of wind turbines. Vestas is a market-leading group with over 15,000 people employed.



    Vertical axis wind turbine producer.


    WinWinD is a supplier of 1 and 3 MW wind turbines. The majority of WinWinD shares are owned by Indian Sterling Infotech Group.



    25-Feb-08: Valorem and AAER Inc become partners to create AAER SAS

ATV Entreprise

    Blade manufacturer.

Ceole SAS

    Provide wind turbine towers. Based in the east of France.

Easy Eolienne

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from


    Manufacturer of water pumping windmills.

Ecotecnia-France SAS

    Wind turbine manufacturer

Enercon GmbH - bureau francais

    Wind turbine manufacturer

Eolis - Eoliennes Ingenierie Services

    Engineering office (wind turbine Protec MD).

Expansion et developpement

    Expansion et developpement developed a wind powered street light (small vertical axis turbine), first installation inaugurated in Issy-les-Moulineaux (end 2007).

France Eoliennes

    France Eoliennes provides medium capacity (10kW) wind turbines for businesses and homes.

Gual industry

    Stato wind power producer, vertcal axis windmill for water pumping.

Jeumont Eole

    Jeumont Eole is now a subsidiary of Areva. It was recalled JSPM.

Joliet Europe

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Made Endesa

    Wind turbine manufacturer

Nordex France SAS

    Wind turbine manufacturer

RE-power SAS

    RE-power SAS is the french subsidiary of the turbine manufacturer RE-power. It also acts as a wind farm developper on the french market.

Societe Francaise d'Energies Renouvelables

    Small capacity wind turbine manufacturer.


    Blade manufacturer. Currently supplying 34 m blades. (status beginning of 2008)

Travere Industries

    Wind turbine manufacturer


    Wind turbine manufacturer

Valmont France

    Valmont France is a subsidiary of Valmont Industries (based in USA), it manufactures towers for wind turbines.


    The Vergnet Group designs, manufactures, markets, installs, and maintains wind turbines mainly dedicated to rural areas. Its twin-bladed aerogenerators can be tilted down in less than one hour in the event of a cyclonic alert. By the end of 2007, the Group had provided and installed over 500 aerogenerators throughout the world, generating over 150,000 MWh per year. It is the only French wind turbine manufacturer.

Weole Energy

    Weole Energy provides small capacity wind turbines (vertical and horizontal axis) ranging from 2 to 50kW.


Abeking & Rasmussen Rotec

    Blade manufacturer. Largest blade span is 40m (MBB, Aeolus II wind turbine) (status beginning of 2008)

Borsig Rotor

    Blade manufacturer. Develops a 39m blade for Nordex 2.5 MW turbine. (status beginning of 2008)

DeWind GmbH

    DeWind was established in 1995 and has since delivered over 550 Wind Turbines, with a total nominal output of more than 500 MW. The turbines currently range from 1.25MW to a 2MW turbine with a distinctive Porsche designed Nacelle and a synchronous generator that connects directly to the grid.


    Enercon GmbH is one of the world largest wind turbine manufacturer. By the end of 2007, 12.273 turbines (13,7GW) had been installed worldwide, and 6,678 in Germany (7,9GW). Enercon is based in Aurich, Northern Germany.

Enercon GmbH

    Wind turbine manufacturer


    Fuhrlander AG is an independent manufacturer. It manufactures turbines from 30 kW to 2.5 MW.

Multibrid entwicklung GmbH

    Multibrid produces windmills up to 5MW, it is part of the group Prokon Nord Entwicklungsystem GmbH. It was founded in 2000, and since developed and manufactured the M5000 wind turbine, exclusively designed for large offshore wind farms. Multibrid is based in Bremerhaven, Germany. Since October 2007 the french power company Areva supports the company's market positioning.

NOI Rotortechnik GmbH

    Blade manufacturer. Developping a 39 m blade, a 55 m blade for a 5 MW turbine also planned (status beginning of 2008).


    Nordex is a world leading turbine manufacturer in the multi megawatt range. It launched its first megawatt turbine in 1995 and the first wind turbine with a capacity of 2.5MW in 2000. Nordex was launched in 1985.

Nordwind Energieanlagen

    Designer and manufacturer of small capacity wind turbines (range from 150 to 850W).

Offshore Wind Technologie GmbH (OWT)

    OWT provides design and innovation in the field of offshore turbine installation.

P&T Technik

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from


    RE-power designs and manufactures wind turbines in the multi megawatt range. RE-power developped the most powerful wind trubine with its 5MW, 126m rotor turbine. RE-power also develops wind farms and provide support to optimise the operation of existing wind farms. RE-power is based in several countries in Europe and took part in more than 1000 installations so far (status beginning of 2008). It is linked to Jeumont Eole and AREVA, and was bought by Suzlon in 2007.

Siemens Wind Power

    Siemens is one of the major megawatt class turbine manufacturer, which range from 1.3MW to 3.6MW. Siemens bought the turbine manufacturer Bonus in 2004. Siemens also acts as a wind farms developper. Siemens is a major actor of the wind power industry with more than 6100MW installed capacity worldwide (122MW in France) and about 500MW offshore (status end of 2007).

Sinoi GmbH

    Sinoi collaborates with aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH to develop rotor blades. Sinoi aims at offering a turbine range from 1.5MW to 2.5MW. Manufactured to be based in Nordhausen.


    Designer and manufacturer of wind turbines (up to 1,5 MW) since 1991.



    Eircomposites is involved in design, stress, R&D of composites products for the aerospace, wind power and marine industries.

Energy Superstore

    Distributor of energy solutions for domestic and commercial purposes, based in Ireland.

Green Energy Technologies

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Pure Energy Technology Ltd

    Retailer of solar water heating systems, renewable energy system batteries, wind turbines, DC to AC power inverters, geothermal and heat pumps.

wow energy

    Distributor of energy solutions in Ireland, based in Galway.



    Leitner developed a wind turbine of the megawatt class without a gear box. The company expects a wind power share in the yearly turnover of 30 % within the next four years. In the last financial year the Leitner group achieved a turnover of 427 million Euros.

MDF Energia srl

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from



    Specialized in design and development of rotorblades for wind turbines AE-Rotor takes care of composites design, process operations, full-scale testing of prototypes, certification organisation. AE-Rotor also designs and produces all the needed tooling equipment, provides support training and helpdesk services. AE-Rotor is a subsidiary of Suzlon energy.

Emergya Wind Technologies

    EWT's core activities are the marketing and sales of windfarms, as well as installation and service of windturbines. EWT also acts as a turbine supplier (direct drive wind turbines). More than 1200 Lagerwey wind turbines have already been installed accross Europe, North America and Asia. EWT is based in Schoondijke and Barneveld, Netherlands.

Lagerweij The Windmaster

    Lagerweij is now bankrupt. It developed wind energy solutions.


    Blade manufacturer.

WES Canada

    WES Canada and WES Netherlands deliver wind energy projects, service, and maintenance. WES provides wind turbines up to 500kW for agricultural operations, medium-sized commercial business, and small utilities.


    Fasteners for wind turbines and rotor blades


    Small capacity windmill producer to be fitted on buildings' top, a subsidiary of Ngup.


Energia Lateral Lda

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from



    Enecsis provides a vertical wind axis turbines of up to 5kW.

SRC Vertical

    Design and manufacturing of vertical axis wind turbines.


Acciona Energia

    ACCIONA Energia is a world leader in the renewables sector and present in the main clean energies with a focus on wind power, in which it is one of the largest developer and constructor of windparks in the world. By the end of September 2007 ACCIONA Energy owns 3,603 MW of wind power capacity, distributed in 140 windparks (102 in Spain and 38 over eight countries -Germany, France, the USA, Canada, Australia, Italia, Greece and Hungary). Through ACCIONA Windpower it also designs and manufactures wind turbines (the AW-1500 and a 3MW prototype under development). In 2006 ACCIONA Windpower manufactured 426 MW (284 units), becoming the ninth manufacturer in the world and the second in Spain. Expectations are a production to double in 2007. It also provides electric power generation technologies from biomass, small hydro and solar energies. ACCIONA Energia has projects in hydrogen production from wind power. ACCIONA Energia is the energy division of ACCIONA and is staffed with over 1,000 people.


    EOZEN's main activity is the manufacture of wind turbines and large blades. In 1999, various professionals from the energy sector created this andalusian wind turbine manufacturer in Granada.


    Gamesa generates electric energy essentially based on the promotion and running of wind farms, the manufacture of wind turbines and the providing of services to the energy sustainability sector. Gamesa was founded in 1976 and specialized in the manufacture of wind turbines in 1994. Development, construction and wind farm operation activities began in 1995.


    The MTorres Group has designed of a wind turbine, the TWT. MTORRES is a group of companies dedicated to the Design, Development and Manufacturing of Systems for industrial processes automation and solutions for the energy and environmental sector.

The Sun and Wind Factory SL

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from


Millcreek Wind

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Novest AB

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

United Kingdom


    Aerpac was one of the largest blade manufacturer in the world, it has been bought by NOI Rotortechnik (Germany). Size ranges up to 48 m.

Bryan J Rendall (Electrical) Ltd

    Distributor of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Energy & Environment Ltd

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Frontier Energy Ltd

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Galliford Try Ltd

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Green Dimension Ltd.

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Green Generation Ltd.

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Horizon Renewables Ltd

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

ICE Renewables Ltd

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from


    Manufacturer of small capacity wind turbine (up to 5kW).

Proven Energy

    Small capacity windmill producer (2.5kW, 6kW & 15kW).

Rotary Engineering UK Ltd

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Stormblade Turbine Ltd

    Stormblade Turbine Ltd designed wind turbine which works by accelerating the wind onto the blades and brings therefore more efficiency and produces less noise. It is a London business.

Willow Energy Ltd

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Wind Turbines UK

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Windpower Ltd

    Windpower Ltd took part in the design of the Aerogenerator (main design by Grimshaw Architects). It is a vertical axis wind turbine spinning at three revolutions a minute expected to generate around nine megawatts. The design also has the potential to harness the energy of the waves and tides by sub-surface generators.