Goldwind is engaged in manufacturing and marketing large-sized wind generator sets, providing consulting service in building and operating wind farms. Its products range from 600kW to 750kW, with developments for a MegaWatt turbine.


    Hummer produces windmills up to 2kW.

Ningbo Ginlong Technologies

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from

Zhongke Hengyuan Energy Technology

    Zhongke Hengyuan Energy Technology is a chinese power company currently building a $5M factory to produce the turbines in capacities from 400kW to 5MW. The maglev technology eliminates most friction by "floating" the blades above the base. The technology is capable of scaling to sizes able to replace 1000 traditional generators. It also enables to generate power with winds from three miles per hour, to lower operational costs by 50 percent, and may have an estimated lifespan of 500 years.The development is proceeding in the US and China.



    Kenersys, a subsidiary of the Kalyani Group, is a design and manufacturing company of wind turbines.

Suzlon energy

    Subsidiary of Iberdrola, Suzlon energy is an indian company involved in wind energy, and one of the largest wind turbine manufacturer in Asia.


PT Guna Elektro

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from



    Harakosan Europe B.V. is a Dutch manufacturer of multi-megawatt gearless wind turbines. The company was founded in 2005 on the basis of the Zephyros estate which was acquired by Harakosan Co. Ltd in order to create Harakosan Europe B.V.


    JSW developed the gearless synchronous generator wind turbine in Europe. It manufactures its own wind turbine including blade and tower. JSW's focus market is Asia.


    Manufacturer of unconventional domestic wind turbine.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

    MHI is engaged in the research and development of wind turbines since 1980. It has developed the output of induction type and variable speed type machines from 250kW to 2,400kW. MHI has manufactured and delivered more than 2,250 units all over the world.



    Unison develops windfarms and manufactures turbine (up to 2MW). It also has some developments in solar and bio energy.


Speedimpex Ventures

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from


Master Tower Co Ltd

    Distributors of energy solutions (including small turbines from